I live in a small town in Central Pennsylvania with my fiancé and our son. I got into nail art around 2012 after seeing The Nailasaurus’ blog. At that time, I was out of work with an injured back and not much to occupy my mind or my time.  I had a shoe box of polish, which back then I considered to be a lot. I started buying more polish when we had the money. I found places where I could buy nail art items like stamping plates and studs. And, like my fellow indie polish lovers say so eloquently, I fell down the rabbit hole.

I was blessed with long nail beds, so, if I could just learn to apply the polish nicely (no mean feat in itself), they’d look rather pretty.  I got started with my facebook page, Sparklepuss Polish, whose mascot is my first, now passed on, fur baby. A couple of years later I started my Instagram page.  Now with both of those places messing with my viewership, I’ve decided it was about time I started blogging!  Are you ready to join me in the rabbit hole?

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