Welcome to Sparklepuss Polish!

Hello, everyone! So I’m sure a lot of you are joining me from my Facebook or Instagram pages. As some of you may know, both of those sites have changed the way people see pages in their feeds.  This has caused a huge drop in viewership for me and many other pages like mine. Therefore, I decided it was time I started blogging!

For those of you who are seeing my work for the first time, feel free to head to the About tab near the top of the page. The links to my other outlets are at the bottom of the page. This blog will mainly be for my nail art and Influenster reviews. From time to time, I’ll pop in with a book or an item I feel you just HAVE to know about!

I’m very excited about starting this new adventure whether I get many views or not! You can sign up to follow my blog at the bottom of this page if you like, or if you want to keep an eye on me, just add my blog page to your Favorites.

Thank you for visiting!  My next post will be about the nail art at the top of my page!

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