KBShimmer Polish Con 2017 NYC

KBShimmer Grand Prospect Holo 4

Grand Prospect Holo by KBShimmer- Polish Con 2017 NYC Exclusive


Hello, all! I have got a straight up gorgeous polish to show you today! This is Grand Prospect Holo by KBShimmer, which was a Polish Con 2017 NYC exclusive. What in the heck is that?- you may be wondering. Polish Con is

a convention of indie nail polish makers. You can meet them, actually see their stuff up close (as you usually have to purchase it online), buy polish, and go to little nail art tutorial classes. Okay, so I totally wussed out on going. I had planned to, but my anxiety got the best of me- I was worried about driving in NYC (which I’ve done before with no problem) and actually having to speak to real people, lol. But enough about me. Many polish makers did one or a few polish con exclusives- polishes that you could only buy there. I really wanted both of KBShimmer’s Exclusives, the other of which I will post soon. Well, I was in luck! One girl was nice enough to buy polishes for other people to ship to them.  We call those people “mules”. So she was muling for someone who very rudely backed out of buying the polish. So she was stuck with extra polishes she paid for with her own money.  I happened to mention in a Facebook group that I really wanted these polishes and she told me to PM her. And thus they were mine. ALL MINE! ahahahaha

KBShimmer Grand Prospect Holo 3

Grand Prospect Holo by KBShimmer- Polish Con 2017 NYC Exclusive

On to the polish! It takes 2 coats for this polish to be opaque and the formula goes on like a dream.  Grand Prospect Holo shifts from blue to purple with a healthy dose of holographic glitter for good measure.  It’s shown here with a glossy top coat.  It’s so gorgeous on its own that I am not doing any nail art on this one.

KBShimmer Grand Prospect Holo

Grand Prospect Holo by KBShimmer- Polish Con 2017 NYC Exclusive

Isn’t this polish just beautiful? Unfortunately, the only way you can get your hands on it now is in polish sale groups on Facebook or in someone’s destash (a destash is when someone sells part of their collection, or stash.)  There are tons of beautiful polishes for sale, though, at www.kbshimmer.com. She just came out with gorgeous multichrome and neon collections. She also has great bath and body products. I have the Pink Sugar lotion and get tons of compliments on it whenever I wear it. 

Thanks for visiting the blog and I will have more pretties to show you soon!

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