Vintage by Orly

Hello, everyone! You may recall in my last post that I talked about going to New York City! Well, today’s the day! Me, my fiancé, and my nugget are taking a bus trip up. I have our itinerary all mapped out. I am ready to rock. Wanna see the polish I am wearing?

Orly Vintage 3

Vintage by Orly

Guys, I have wanted Vintage since it first came out and I finally got it on Amazon. As soon as I saw it, I thought of my Pappap’s van. He was an upholsterer (redoing furniture) and this was the van things came and went in:


This was also the vehicle I’d ride home in whenever I got sick in elementary school. Later, I’d see it parked at the Burger King parking lot quite often when I was on my way to work up the highway.

Orly Vintage

Vintage by Orly

So as you see, I needed it for purely sentimental reasons. Back to the polish. The brush was wide and there was a nice application. The formula wasn’t runny even if you got too much on the brush. It took 2 coats for full opacity and I topped it with a top coat when it was all dried.

Orly Vintage 1

Vintage by Orly

All in all, Vintage is a lovely polish and I’m so glad I own this unique, truly vintage color! Tomorrow, I’ll have the nail art I did for this to show you all! I realize I spread things out a lot more than other blogs do.  I’m just going at my own pace. I’ve seen too many big name bloggers get burnt out and I’m not trying to go that route.

Thank you for visiting!!!




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