Chester Copper Pot w Stamping!

Hello, all! Today I’ve got some stamping over the polish I showed you yesterday- Chester Copper Pot by Fallen Angel Beauty Bar. Chester Copper Pot by Fallen Angel Beauty Bar w stamping

Chester Copper Pot by Fallen Angel Beauty Bar

This is two coats of the duochrome topped with Metallic Gold by Gothic Gala Lacquers. Stamping plate I used was Winstonia’s 4th generation plate W403 for the leaf pattern. This picture really shows that teal flash! Angela makes some beautiful polishes and beauty items and is so worth checking out. You can find her at her facebook group- Fallen Angel Beauty Bar or on her Instagram page- Angela doesn’t have a site yet, but you can order directly from her in her Facebook group. She’s got some pretty phenomenal products. I’m about to use her body butter right now to get my hands swatch-ready for tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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