Flashback Friday with Zoya!

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m so glad we’re upon the weekend- please let me be able to sleep in Sunday! is what runs through my head pretty much every weekend. I just closed on my Pampered Chef party today and I’m a bit excited about the sweet deals I got. And the spices. Lots of spices. I have a spice rack that has overflowed to the counter next to it. Tip from me- on your eggs, sprinkle some dill weed and lemon pepper seasoning. So. Good. Now about the nail polish…

Genesis by Zoya 1

Genesis by Zoya

It’s some Flashback Friday nails! I love a good white polish. I think they’re SO elegant. The first time I used Genesis by Zoya, I foolishly believed that it would be opaque in 2 coats.

Red X


Yeah, 2 coats wasn’t happening. Try more like 5. Five. Coats. So, by the time I did this mani I had learned my lesson. I used Sinful Colors’ Snow Me White as a base and then did 2 coats of the beautiful, shimmering Genesis. Once that was all dry, I got to work with the sparkly stuff! I think rhinestones are my favorite manis to do. Along with beach nails, which happen to include rhinestones.

Genesis by Zoya

Genesis by Zoya

This may actually be my favorite nails I’ve ever done. It just turned out exactly the way I wanted, better in fact.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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