Rose Gold Nail Art!

Hey, everyone! How’s it going? I’m pretty happy that I don’t have to do anything today. I may swing by the library, though. Every grade in my nugget’s school gets a reading assignment for the summer. This year he has to read 4 books and do a report on them by answering questions on summer item shaped pieces of paper and gluing it onto a paper circle wreath. Like on a flip flop shape he’ll say what he would’ve done if he were the main character. Excitement, lol.

Anywho, today’s polish is what I wore when we went to Baltimore last Thursday. I’ve done this design a couple times already. It’s just a favorite of mine that I keep going back to. The heart/stripe nail art:

Juliette by ILNP with nail art

Nail Art using Twinkled T vinyls

I made 2 oopsies on this, but whenever I try to correct it, it ends up looking worse. Actually, I did mess it up a little by trying to correct it, lol. I will never learn. *le sigh* So anyways, for this I painted my ring and middle fingers with Sinful Colors- Whipped Frosting, which is from the Kandee Johnson collaboration. It dries matte and I was hoping it would self-level, but how much can you ask of a $2 polish? I did 2 coats of that and also used KBShimmer’s matte top coat to try to level it and it did a pretty good job. On my other fingers I used ILNP’s Juliette, which is a rose gold from their Ultra Metallics line. I was surprised to find that it’s also holographic! I was having a tough time reconciling that I had Juliette AND Cirque Colors Halcyon. They’re both rose gold metallic, but it turns out they are just different enough to make me not feel guilty! hahaha

So once that was all dry, I laid down 2 pieces of striping tape and painted the top and bottom sections of my middle finger with Juliette. Now, normally when I apply vinyls I wait until the next day to be sure I have 100% dry polish. BUT, I was going to Baltimore the next day and needed them done that night. The vinyl is a single heart pattern I got from Twinkled T. Guys, I held my breath and bit my lip as I pulled that nail vinyl off- praying it would not pull my polish up- but the polish gods were smiling upon me that evening as it came off beautifully and left behind a perfect heart using Juliette.

So that’s it for today! Hope you all like the nail art!

Thanks for stopping by!


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