Blue Macaw

Hi, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I went back to school shopping yesterday and it was fairly painless. Got all the clothes and shoes needed under budget. I also got our other cat back from the rescue. You may remember me posting about our new cat Larry. The other one was born feral and is having a harder time adjusting to being a house cat. I’m praying the little guy will eat and drink this time. I think I’m gonna set him up in our bathroom today after I get more supplies at WalMart. He needs to adjust to the house little by little. Right now I have him curled up in a small box next to me in bed. Last night he tried going inside our couch cushions and was succeeding. I am trying to keep an eyeball on him at the moment.

Enough about kitty cats! Today’s soup du jour is Blue Macaw by Parrot Polish.

Blue Macaw by Parrot Polish 2

Blue Macaw by Parrot Polish

If you’re not familiar with Parrot Polish, they are a husband and wife duo from Florida. Blue Macaw was the very first polish they put up for sale. I think it’s pretty awesome that after a few years they are still selling it. It’s also lucky for me because I loooove it. It reminds me of a crystal clear pool.

Blue Macaw by Parrot Polish 1

Blue Macaw by Parrot Polish

I love the luminescence of this polish. It’s a beautiful blue with a glow to it. I have it on my toes besides using it for a manicure. It’s opaque in 2 coats and the formula is perfect.

Blue Macaw by Parrot Polish

Blue Macaw by Parrot Polish

So if you are interested in this or in checking out all the other beautiful, unique polishes that Parrot Polish has to offer, go here- They also have a Facebook fan page called Parrot Polish Party People. The prices are good and the customer service cannot be beat. You seriously couldn’t buy from nicer people.

Next post will be nail art I did using Blue Macaw.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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