Nails of Christmases Past Pt. 2

Hello, everyone! We’re getting really close to Christmas! I’ve got nothing wrapped and just now started on my Christmas nails. And I’m doing them in bed. It’s gotten a little messy.

I have three more Christmas manis to show you! Let’s get to them, shall we?

old christmas 5

Here we have a simple sweater mani. I had always failed at stamping these, so this turned into a pleasant surprise!

old christmas 3

I really loved the look of the iridescent glitter over Dorothy Who? by China Glaze.

old christmas 4

I definitely needed some better quality rhinestones for this mani. This was inspired by @stephs_nails on Instagram. I so love her work. I actually found another mani similar to this last year. When I looked closer I found that they were inspired by the same picture I was!

There you have it! My next couple posts depend on when my nugget falls asleep and how bad my back hurts from wrapping! If I don’t blog at you all before then, have a great holiday!

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