Iridescent Nails with Snowflakes


Hi, all! How is your week after Christmas going? Mine has been slightly frustrating. I’m having dishwasher issues and can’t find my receipt. Lady on the phone told me if I could find the date of purchase on a bank statement, that would help them find my order. So I do that and call back, speaking with a different lady. This one claims she can see my other orders but not the dishwasher. YOU GUYS, I have never ordered anything from Lowe’s EXCEPT this dishwasher! So, it’s basically find the receipt or tough titty.  So did the first lady lie or is the second lady pulling a fast one? I don’t freaking know. GAAAAH!

Press Sample

So, nails. These I actually did before my Christmas nails, but saved them for after since they are just considered wintry. Cynthia is my hook-up at Born Pretty and she sent me this powder to try. You just use an eye shadow applicator to apply it to the nail. It’s kind of like a glittery coating. You’ll see what I mean.

Born Pretty 31700-8 1

Born Pretty Item 31700-8 over Sinful Colors Whipped Frosting

So you can see that the powder is tiny iridescent glitters. In the package, it looks like any other powder, but it changes to this. The effect is really pretty. Here’s a macro for you-

Born Pretty 31700-8

Born Pretty Item 31700-8 over Sinful Colors Whipped Frosting

So besides that it looks pretty by itself, it also looked lovely with some snowflakes stamped on top!

Born Pretty 31700-8 with snowflakes
Born Pretty Item 31700-8 over Sinful Colors Whipped Frosting with snowflakes

The image I used is from a Born Pretty plate- Celebration BPX-L008. It’s got a load of great images. The polish I stamped with is Zoya Mallory.

So if you guys are interested in the powder, just go here- and select option 8 if you want the same one. You can use my code LESLIEW10 for 10% off of regular priced items.

Hope you all like it and thanks for stopping by the blog!

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