Valentine’s Day Nails

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! How was your fat Tuesday? I had my angel cream doughnut. The boyfriend was also nice enough to grab me a Brownie Batter doughnut also. They’re my weakness.  In other news, the nugget had his yearly checkup at the doctor’s yesterday and needed some vaccines. That did not go well. He’s terrified of needles and goes crazy. There’s got to be an easier way to give vaccines.

So today I have my first set of two Valentine’s Day manis I did. Actually, maybe this is my second. I forgot about the Stella Chroma nails I did last week with the black stamping and tiny hearts. Anywho, here she is.

Valentine's Nails 2018

Valentine’s Day nails

I used 3 polishes for this mani- Salon Perfect’s Sugar Cube, Cupcake Polish’s Mr. Mint, and KBShimmer’s  My Life’s Porpoise. The Cupcake and KBShimmer are both fantastic polishes with zero issues and I definitely recommend them. For the heart, I used a stencil by Twinkled T. For my stripes, I used a thicker striping tape I have from Born Pretty. I was a little pissed that some of the polish got under the tape messing up my lines. I like them to be clean and crisp. Well, I guess no one wants their lines to be smudgy or wonky, lol. And I just love the way Mr. Mint pops. I really would like to own Cupcake Polish’s entire Candy Land collection. They’re all insane glitter bombs.

So my next post will be my other Valentine’s nails. I’m praying they don’t chip until the sun comes up and I can get a nice daylight picture. A corner of my thumb chipped already and they’ve been done for just a few hours.

Thanks for checking out the blog!

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