Partners in Lime

Hi, everyone! Late start to the blog this week! I was a little under the weather, but I’m doing better now. So we’re supposed to get hit with a bunch of snow here in central PA. Of course my son is praying for no school. This would be the 3rd time he misses a kids’ paint & party because of snow. That would be a bummer. Although both of us enjoy being snowed in. Probably because we don’t have to shovel. I think next year will be his year to start, though, and he won’t enjoy it so much!

I’ve got a couple more St. Patrick’s Day manis for you. This one is just a simple 2 coats and done.

Partners in Lime KBShimmer

Partners in Lime by KBShimmer

Partners in Lime by KBShimmer is a lime (duh) crelly with lime, turquoise and yellow glitters. It takes 2 coats to achieve opacity and it has a great formula! This took 2 coats of top coat to be mostly smooth. This glitter was HONGRY! hahahaha

Partners in Lime KBShimmer 1

Partners in Lime by KBShimmer

When using a polish with a high glitter density, you may want to use the foil method to remove it. This is when you soak a piece of cotton ball in acetone and wrap a piece of foil around it to hold the cotton in place.  OR, you can buy these awesome rubber tips. You soak half a cotton pad, wrap it around the tip of your finger and slide the rubber thing down. It’s SO much easier. Lemme find a link for yas…… Ok, so they’re actually silicone. This is what I have- They’re super cheap and well worth it if you like using glitter polishes!

Partners in Lime KBShimmer 2

Partners in Lime by KBShimmer

That’s all folks! I’ll have my next green mani for you tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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