Beauty Bigbang Chameleon Flakes

Hi, everyone! Hope your week is going well! Mine is going okay. Today I’m making my Easter dinner, so I’m pretty pumped for some ham! Yes, I am pumped about ham. lol I ❤ food. One of the reasons it is so hard for me to drop some weight. Of course, my bum back is the big reason, but being a foodie doesn’t help. But listen to me complain! At least I have food, right? We’re not starving here.


So today I have an item that was sent to me by Beauty Bigbang! They’re these super pretty chameleon flakies!

Beauty Bigbang J7421-3C

Beauty Bigbang Item #J7421-3C

So for this, I did one coat of Funky Fingers (available at 5 Below) Dark Knight. It’s a pretty saturated black, so one coat is usually enough. It’s also great to stamp with. Next, I did one coat of top coat. Then I used an eye shadow applicator, which came with the item, to apply the flakes. I just did one coating. If you wanted a full nail effect, you can use either a sticky base coat instead of top coat or use a no wipe gel top coat. Those will hold all the flakies on the full nail for you. This was the effect I wanted, so I just used the top coat. When I had all the flakies on, I did another coat to seal them in.

I love these. It’s so easy to use. And it’s cheaper if you compare it to a flakie nail polish. It all depends on the look you’re trying to achieve and what kind of polish you want to use, for instance using the gel polish with them.

This is item #J7421, option 3C at There are 8 different options to pick from! To go right to the item, go to You can use my code- SPP10 for 10% off of your purchase at Beauty Bigbang!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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