Solar Flair by KBShimmer

Hi, everyone! How was your Monday? Mine was okay. The nugget was still home sick, but is feeling better! Other than that, it was my typical boring day. Make dinner. Watch the cat squeeze his fat butt into the Ramen Noodle box. Real entertaining stuff, lol.

So today I have another magnetic polish to show you all! KBShimmer recently did a whole brand makeover and debuted these duo- and multi-chromed magnetic polishes!

Solar Flair by KBShimmer

Solar Flair by KBShimmer

KBShimmer has this to say about Solar Flair on their site- “If you are looking for a fiery polish, this magnetic multichrome is it! Like the molten flares of the sun, Solar Flair nail polish shifts from shades of gold and yellow, to hot oranges and reds.”

Solar Flair by KBShimmer 1

Solar Flair by KBShimmer 2

Solar Flair by KBShimmer

Solar Flair goes on very nicely in 2 medium coats. Of course, the second coat you have to do one nail at a time. I would paint a nail and then hold my magnet over it very closely for about 30-45 seconds each.

Solar Flair by KBShimmer 4

Solar Flair by KBShimmer 5
Solar Flair by KBShimmer

This polish is both stunning and wears well! I’ve had it on for 3 days now with no wear.

Solar Flair by KBShimmer 3

Solar Flair by KBShimmer

Solar Flair isn’t available right now and I’m not sure if it will be back in stock. Christy from KBShimmer said that this and another polish may go out of stock due to a limited amount of pigment. There are, however, a slew of other gorgeous magnetics to choose from! Just go to

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