Born Pretty Nail Powder Review

Hello, all! Long time, no blog! Things have been pretty slow around here.

I’ve just been kind of in the dumps lately. It’s time to pull myself up by the bootstraps. I have a few items to review for Born Pretty before I get back to my untried polishes. This nail powder is one of the items.


Born Pretty 40143-6

Born Pretty Nail Powder item 40143-6

The nail powder is great. It’s just every time I use any nail powder, I get these divots and such in my nails! You can’t see them until the powder is applied. It’s driving me insane and I probably won’t review any more powders.

But back to this particular powder. I started with one coat of Funky Fingers- Dark Knight. I then did one coat of no-wipe gel top coat. After curing that under the lamp, I used the eye shadow applicator that came with the powder to apply it. It goes on nice and easy!

Born Pretty 40143-6 1

Born Pretty Nail Powder item 40143-6

The color of this is really pretty. It goes from a light green to a dusty blue. Lovely. If you want to pick up this particular powder, go here- If you want to browse the site, head to Shipping is free and the products are great. You can use my code to get 10% off of your purchase- LESLIEW10.

So while I have problems personally with powders, it doesn’t mean you will too. I see plenty of people using these wipe on powders without issue! Also, they’re pretty cheap, so you wouldn’t be out much if you just want to give them a try.

Thanks for stopping by!

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