Retro 70s Flower Nails

Hi, everyone! Hope your week started off well! It was a little icy here, but no excitement on President’s Day.

If you are on Instagram, you may have noticed that some people make birthday collages for others in the nail community by having loads of people do nail art in a theme the birthday girl or guy likes. I don’t usually participate for 2 reasons- no one asks me (LOL) and I don’t change up nails as much as I used to. I saw that there was one being put together for user @tinkerbell1970s and asked if I could join in. Since IG stopped showing pictures in chronological order, I don’t always see stuff from the people I follow. Same thing must be for Caroline (tinkerbell) because when she catches a picture, she will literally like at least 50 that she missed! I figured I at least owed her a mani, lol.

The theme for the collage was 70s retro. I was a baby in the 70s, but still grew up with 70s décor. Ugly green carpet and all. I used my Mammam’s kitchen wallpaper as inspiration. I also made sure to confer with my mom that the key 70s colors were orange, brown, and baby shit green. She reminded me of Harvest Gold also. What made me happy was when I sent her the finished nails she said it reminded her of that wallpaper! Mission accomplished!

retro sinfulcolors sally hansen birthday collage mani

Retro 70s Flowers

I got a ton of polishes out to find the right combination. Orange is Sinful Colors Anchors Away, which I also like to use in Halloween manis…., green is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lickety-Split Lime, gold is Sassy Citrine by Gothic Gala Lacquers, and brown is Lavish Sable by Mary Kay. If you ever have the opportunity to pick up a Mary Kay polish, do it. They are so good. Go on beautifully. I can’t believe they don’t do a line of polish for the quality they put into the couple they do for each season.

So, all I did was use a dotting tool. Easy peasy.

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