Peachy Queen by ILNP

Hello, everyone! I hope your weekend is going well! Mine is off to a decent start. I went shopping today for some much needed summer items.

I got a bunch of tops at Old Navy, some bottoms at Target and JC Penney, which was having a going out of business sale. We fully took advantage of that. You can’t beat a men’s Izod cable knit sweater for $7!! The nugget was actually pretty patient- and this is a kid who likes waiting in the bank drive-thru more than going to the mall. Well, onto the polish!

Peachy Queen bottle by ILNP 1

Peachy Queen by ILNP

This beauty of a polish is called Peachy Queen and it’s by ILNP (I Love Nail Polish). When I bought this, I found it under her holographic category. When I received it, I found out it was also in her jelly category. Oops. I was hoping for a more opaque polish, but it was my bad.

Peachy Queen by ILNP 2

Peachy Queen by ILNP

The formula for Peachy Queen is very nice. It goes on smoothly with no runniness. I don’t like VNL (Visible Nail Line) so I kept applying until I could no longer see my free edge. It took 4 coats. The polish dries at a medium pace, so it doesn’t take TOO long to apply.

Peachy Queen by ILNP

Peachy Queen by ILNP

4 coats took it to a pretty cantaloupe shade, perfect for spring and summer. All in all, I definitely recommend this if you want a delicate shade or are into jellies!

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