Summer Fling by Orly

Hi, everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. I got to sleep in and it was niiiice. I went down my mom and dad’s yesterday for Father’s Day and there were all kinds of squirrely shenanigans. The backyard squirrels all know my mom has peanuts for them, so they aren’t above launching themselves at the back door for attention. So today we were all sitting on the back porch when one of the squirrels came out of the pear tree and into the grass. He eventually actually came up onto the porch for his peanuts and brushed his squirrely tail against my ankle. He was so cute. He would also lay flat on the concrete, I’m assuming because it was cool on his belly. I wish I had gotten a picture for you guys.

Now onto polish. I had been wanting to do fluorescent nails for the past week, but didn’t have the opportunity until Friday night. Some while back I signed up to get the Orly box for each seasonal collection. I got an amazing deal on it. It comes with all the polishes of the collection, base coat, and 2 lotions. This particular collection was summer’s Coastal Crush. There was, in particular, an orange I wanted to try. Now, I’m not sure if they are ALL jellies, but Summer Fling is. I was a little disappointed about that because I don’t like having to layer them over white. I do love a good jelly, but one that you can build the color on its own with a few coats. Jelly neons need to go over white to pop. So, I started with Sinful Colors Whipped Frosting from the Kandee Johnson collaboration. I then did 2 coats of Summer Fling.

Now….the photography….I went and took pictures in several lightings as usual, and NONE of them were showing up as the correct color. Exhibit A:

Summer Fling by Orly collage

Summer Fling by Orly, no pictures showing color accurately by a long shot.

SO. For some reason I went to my back door and looked at my nails through my phone’s camera lens and TADA! In that crappy lighting is where I got the most color accurate picture! Here, in all its poor quality, is Exhibit B:

Summer Fling by Orly

Summer Fling from Orly’s Coastal Crush collection.

Now, this one isn’t perfect, but it comes pretty close! I really like this color for summer, and, even though it’s not opaque, I’ll probably use it again in the future- maybe a neon water marble?

I hope you guys like this! Thanks for visiting the blog and I’ll have some nail art for you all tomorrow!

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