Summer Fling by Orly with Stamping!

Hi, everyone! Today I have some nail art to show you which I did over yesterday’s polish- Summer Fling by Orly. 

Summer Fling by Orly with stamping

Summer Fling by Orly with stamping.

So for this, I used the now defunct Gothic Gala Lacquer’s Basic Black. Guys, I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I run out. I love how opaque this black is! I chose a negative image so that the flowers would be orange. The plate I used is MoYou London’s Flower Power plate 11. The images JUST fit my thumb, so if you have longer nails you may want to use their larger image plates. Some people are talented enough that they can stretch the image out after stamping it on a nail mat or wax paper. Here’s a YouTube tutorial if any of you need it- After stamping, I top coated and that’s it! Nice and simple!

Thanks for visiting the blog today, guys!

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