Rooftop Soiree by Cirque Colors

Hello, all! Hope everyone had a good 4th of July!  I just did a little grilling. Nothing special. Today I’ve got a real sparkler from Cirque Colors to show you.

Rooftop Soiree by Cirque

Rooftop Soiree by Cirque Colors

This red dazzler is Rooftop Soiree by Cirque Colors. Cirque was having a grab bag sale in which you’d get 4 polishes. This was one of the four I received. I’m assuming they had the sale because they were about to do a whole makeover on their brand. Unfortunately this one is no longer for sale. You may be able to find it for sale on Ebay or in a destash. It’s really quite lovely. It reminds me of rubies. Like if you ground them up and put the ruby dust on your nails, it would look like this. It was also a one coater! I didn’t need two coats, but I added a second in case it would change the depth or look of the polish, which it didn’t. Who doesn’t love a one coater?

Rooftop Soiree by Cirque 1

Rooftop Soiree by Cirque Colors

If you happen upon this polish somewhere out in the interwebs for sale, I suggest grabbing it. I always considered Ruby Pumps by China Glaze a staple in my collection. I would definitely replace it with this. It’s just so much more.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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