Orly Color Pass!

Hi, everyone! How’s your weekend going? Mine is okay. I have cramps, so I’m sorta laid up with that- I get them really bad. Yesterday we had what we call “porch parties”. It’s where we invite a bunch of friends over and hang out on the front porch all day, drinking, eating and shooting the shit. I joined the party once my pain meds kicked in. It was a pretty good time, especially at the end of the night when one of our friends that we rarely see stopped by. It was great to catch up.

What also made it a great day was that my Orly Color Pass was delivered! The Orly Color Pass is when you get the next 4 collections delivered to your house. It also includes some other goodies. In summer’s collection I also got 2 small bottles of hand cream and Orly Bonder. Here’s what came today:

Orly Color Pass Fall 2017

Orly Color Pass- Velvet Dream collection

This is my second Color Pass box which is their fall collection- Velvet Dream. It came with 6 colors, their full size matte top coat and a cute velvet choker. Chokers were in when I was in high school….but I’m a little old for them now. I’m contemplating giving it to my BFF’s daughter. Back to the polish. I got close bottle shots for you all!

First up is Silken Quartz, which is a slightly shimmery/frosty neutral color. It’s a very difficult color to specifically categorize, but here’s what I think of it- it reminds me of old, faded ballet slippers. Not the pink ones, but the ones that are broken in or vintage.

Orly Silken Quartz

Next up is Just Bitten, a beautiful, deep red jelly.  It’s several shades darker than this photo. A really gorgeous color.

Orly Just Bitten

Next is Black Cherry, a deep plum-leaning burgundy crème. This is also several shades darker than the picture. For some reasons the reds just came out lighter.

Orly Black Cherry

Next polish is Velvet Kaleidoscope, an orangey, brownish, gold multichrome. This is another hard to describe color! I’m not sure if it’s micro flakies or glitter. They’re in a blackened base. This one is spot-on perfect for autumn.

Orly Velvet Kaleidoscope

Next on our list is Blue Suede, a dusty, lighter cousin of navy. It seems to be a sort of crème/jelly hybrid.

Orly Blue Suede

Last up is November Fog, a dusty, grayed lavender crème polish. This one is just such a unique shade.

Orly November Fog

And that’s all she wrote! The reds are actually more color accurate in the first picture of the entire box. If you’re interested in signing up for the Orly Color Pass to get their next four collections plus other goodies go to www.orlybeauty.com/color-pass. You get $240+ worth of polishes and bonuses for $109. BUT, I have a code for you to use to knock $10 off of that price- VELVETDREAM.

I’m really excited to try these new autumn colors! They have me ready for sweaters and football weather!

Thanks for stopping by the ol’ blog!


5 thoughts on “Orly Color Pass!

  1. I’ve not heard of the Orly Color Pass before, but it sounds like such a great deal! I love the fall shades!


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