KBShimmer’s Pink Tourmaline

Hi, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. Mondays are never fun, but mine is about to be! Tonight we are going to a local rescue to pick out 2 kittens! Our baby girl passed away on December 23rd of lymphoma and we have been struggling to get to the point where we could show another animal love. (Her picture is the Sparklepuss Polish social media avatar.) We’ll never be over our princess, but we hope to make a good home for 2 boys. We already have 2 names picked out- Larry and Mr. Fuzz. hahahaha I’m just hoping we get to take them right home with us.

Onto the reason for this blog- my love of nail polish. I have been, over time, trying to acquire all the polishes I wanted from KBShimmer’s  Birthstone collection, whether it be directly through their site or in people’s destashes. I just fell in love with the crazy, flaky sparkle. The first ones I got when they came out were Diamond and Peridot. I wanted more, but couldn’t afford them. Luckily, I picked up this one:

Pink Tourmaline by KBShimmer 2

Pink Tourmaline by KBShimmer

I can tell you that no blogger has ever taken a picture that does this collection justice. The one above turned out pretty good, but still doesn’t properly show you that sparkle!

Pink Tourmaline by KBShimmer 1Pink Tourmaline by KBShimmer

This is 2 coats of Pink Tourmaline with top coat. Formula is great and dry time is pretty fast. Removal is a breeze, too. I know we are all hesitant to get sparkly polishes because they are torturous to remove, but not the Birthstone collection. They aren’t all available anymore. Christy has kept a bunch on the site, but not all. So if you’re interested you can go there to check it out. Also check out people’s destashes- I’ve gotten a few that way.

If we get our kitties tonight, I will definitely get some pictures for you guys soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “KBShimmer’s Pink Tourmaline

  1. I absolutely love the finish on these polishes! This pink looks amazing on you. I’m sorry to hear about your loss–please share pics of your new kitties if you can! 🙂

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