KBShimmer with Nail Art!

Hi, everyone! Remember Monday when I posted about how excited I was to bring home 2 new kitties? Yeah, well, nature intervened and decided I needed a stomach bug about halfway through the day. So every time I moved, everything I had ingested in the previous day came right back up. I’m still suffering the effects of the illness, but thankfully, no longer barfing. Kittipalooza has been pushed back until probably this coming Monday. We’re going to the beach Saturday and we don’t think a couple days is enough time to get them settled in for a day all alone. My nugget is really bummed out. Onto some nail polish.

You may remember on Monday that I posted Pink Tourmaline by KBShimmer. Today I have some stamping over that to show you.

Pink Tourmaline by KBShimmer with stars from Winstonia 1

Pink Tourmaline by KBShimmer with Winstonia stamping

For this nail art, I used Gothic Gala Lacquers Basic Black. On most of my fingers, I used Winstonia’s 4th generation plate, W417. I am so loving this image. On my ring finger, I used plate W419. These are some really great star and planet plates in this small section of the 4th generation collection.

Pink Tourmaline by KBShimmer with stars from Winstonia

KBShimmer’s Pink Tourmaline with Winstonia stamping

Hope you guys all like this! I thought it turned out pretty cool!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!



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