Monster Mania Nails

Hi, everyone! This past weekend, before it became one of the worst times of my life, I was attending Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ. Monster Mania is a horror convention where you get to meet other horror geeks, stars of horror movies, go to Q&A panels with directors and/or actors, check out the three vendor rooms (I got a couple cool things I’ll be showing you all soon), etc. Mostly I just go to hang out with friends we’ve made at these things! At night we get together, drink some booze, chat, play some Cards Against Humanity….we’ve gotten a little crazy in the past with some fun items…..

For Monster Mania, I wanted to go all out on my nails because it’s been three long years since I was last able to attend. And these suckers were NOTICED! hahaha

Monster Mania nails Swaying Grayly by Literary Lacquers and Savita by Zoya 1

Yeah, baby!

So for these nails, I used Swaying Grayly by Literary Lacquers on every nail except my ring fingers. On my ring fingers, I used Savita by Zoya. Next thing I did was stamp! For that I used Gothic Gala Lacquers Basic Black stamping polish and Born Pretty plate BP-146, which is a fun plate with sugar skulls, skulls n flowers, stuff along those lines. I didn’t put the spikes on until right before we left to go so I had less chance to screw them up. I put one layer of KBShimmer’s Oh Matte! top coat and then stuck the spikes on. When the top coat dried, I went around them 2 more times with the Oh, Matte! The spikes I got from Nail Art Elegance.

Monster Mania nails Swaying Grayly by Literary Lacquers and Savita by Zoya

I bumped my hands against things, but they held strong! People’s reactions were lots of fun and I was pretty excited when a celeb noticed them! I had them on for a little over 24 hours (shower and all!) when one finally got bumped off. That was a success to me!

Would you guys dare to pull off something similar? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by the page today!

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