Green Goddess

Hello, everyone! We’ve made it through another week! Does anyone have fun plans for the weekend? I have to grocery shop tonight and then I’ll probably just veg out at home watching The Walking Dead marathon. I’ve seen the episodes from the season they have on this weekend at least 3 times. Maybe I’ll read….I’m the kind of person that likes to hide in their house. Lol, not really healthy behavior, but it’s what I do!

So a little while back, Lucky 13 Lacquer was having a sale and I hadn’t checked out the shop lately. I figured I’d see what was good. Well, there was a lot good, but I was on a green kick. So I got this polish called Green Goddess (among others).

Green Goddess by Lucky 13 Lacquer 1

Green Goddess by Lucky 13 Lacquer

Green Goddess is sort of like a jungle green jelly with green, gold, and white glitters of varying shapes and sizes. A very cool polish. In my pictures there’s a little VNL (Visible Nail Line), but in person, that was not visible at all. So to my eyes, it was opaque in 2 coats.

Green Goddess by Lucky 13 Lacquer 3

Green Goddess by Lucky 13 Lacquer

I had these on for my mom’s labor day cookout and she said the polish made her think of dragon scales. And it looks even better matted.

Green Goddess by Lucky 13 Lacquer 6

Green Goddess by Lucky 13 Lacquer

This polish is no longer available BUT- I ended up getting a nearly identical polish from Lucky 13’s “orphanage”. That one has more circle glitters in it and I am a circle glitter freak! So if you really would like this polish, I would sell it to you. It was only used for one mani. I’d let it go for $7 including shipping. Just give me a holler in the comments if you’re interested.

There’s no fishing for glitters and the formula is great. All in all, it’s a great polish.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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