Lotion of Immortality!

Hello, everyone! We’re halfway through the weekend already! Today I’m going to the mall to use my Old Navy super cash and get my nugget some new jeans. We’ll probably eat at Cracker Barrel afterwards.

So this weekend I wanted to show you guys an amazing product that Lucky 13 Lacquer put out. It was some time ago that Anya announced that she was going to create a lotion line and would have a preorder. It had been some time since I had been to the L13L shop, so I went to check it out. I got a few polishes and preordered the whole lotion line- The Lotion of Immortality!

Lotion of Immortality by Lucky 13 Lacquer collection

Lotion of Immortality by Lucky 13 Lacquer

There are 5 scented lotions and one unscented. The scents are:

  • Tea, Earl Grey, Hot- Cup of Tea with Lemon Cakes
  • Cabin in the Lost Woods- Gentle Rainfall in the Sacred Forest Meadow
  • Berry Cunning Hat- Sweet Strawberry and Citrus
  • Goblin King- Spiced Peaches
  • The Chosen Bun- Hufflepuff House’s Magic Cinnamon Rolls

The little container of Mermaid lotion is a gift I received with my order and not available for purchase. My favorite scent is definitely Goblin King, which surprised me because I LOVE bakery scents. That spiced peach smells so amazing! The lotion comes in 20g and 10g jars, being $3 and $1.50, respectively. You can save some money, though, if you buy the whole set.

Lotion of Immortality by Lucky 13 Lacquer

Lotion of Immortality by Lucky 13 Lacquer

See that tiny amount on my finger in the above picture? That moisturizes BOTH hands. Just that little teensy bit works wonders. The moisturizing properties last through a few hand washings and doesn’t feel greasy at all. You can feel a protective barrier of lotion. The scent also lasts through a few washings. I tried this stuff on my feet and, guys, it worked like magic for me.

Another option that Anya has for this is Mythical Shimmers. They come in these tiny compacts and a little goes a loooong way. You can mix them in with the lotion if you want to always have a shimmer on or you can use it as makeup!

Mythical Shimmer by Lucky 13 Lacquer.png

Mythical Shimmer by Lucky 13 Lacquer

The Mythical Shimmers come in the following colors-

  • Banshee- Crimson
  • Phoenix- Copper
  • Goddess- Gold
  • Faerie- Violet
  • Mermaid- Aqua
  • Dragon- Peridot
  • Unicorn- Silver

The shimmers are super pretty! I got Dragon and Phoenix. I’m thinking about grabbing Faerie. A violet shimmer would just be so stunning. Each little clam shell is only $1.

Lucky 13 hit it out of the park with these, and really excelled doing this for the first time! I highly recommend grabbing these, especially if you have a job that requires you to wash your hands a lot. I worked in a nursing home and I would’ve loved to have these on hand! And with the price, they are too good to pass up. Head to Lucky 13 Lacquer and check them out!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

9 thoughts on “Lotion of Immortality!

  1. I really, really want to like shimmery body products but I touch my cats too much to use products like that. As much as I would like a glitter cat, I don’t think they would appreciate it very much. On the other hand, those lotions scents sound fab!

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