Interstellar with Galaxy Nail Art!

Hello, all! Well, we made it through Monday! My day yesterday was pretty uneventful. Made tacos for supper. Tried to get rid of a giant zit between my nose and upper lip. Excitement!

So yesterday I mentioned that I’d probably have some nail art over ILNP’s Interstellar. I decided to do a galaxy mani. I’ve done one before and it turned out phenomenal. This one is okay!

Interstellar by ILNP with galaxy nail art 1

Interstellar by ILNP with galaxy nail art

As stated yesterday, I did 3 coats of Interstellar for opacity’s sake. Today I used 4 polishes to create the galaxy- Zoya’s Tina and Hope, Pure Ice’s Peony, and Sinful Colors’ Whipped Frosting. I used Whipped Frosting first, dabbing it on with a little piece of make up sponge that I ripped off of the wedge. Next, using the same method, I did the 2 purples by Zoya and, finally, the Pure Ice pink Peony. When they were dry, I added some “star” dots on with a dotting tool and Whipped Frosting. Lastly, I gave it a light coat of China Glaze’s Fairy Dust.

Interstellar by ILNP with galaxy nail art 2

Interstellar by ILNP with galaxy nail art

This mani is pretty easy to do and sometimes can look even better with more colors, like a hint of blue dabbed in. I just wanted to do some quickie nail art, so I used the colors from my Untrieds pile. I hope you guys like this!

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