Dorothy Dandridge with Twinkling Lights!

Hello, all! So I’ve been hooked on this game on my phone called Choices. It’s like a choose your own adventure book. You can pick from categories like romance, mystery, and fantasy. The suck part is you need to have one key to play. It takes TWO AND A HALF HOURS to generate one fracking key. And the bonus- you can only have two keys at all times unless you buy more. You also get one diamond per chapter you read. But a lot of the nicer choices or more interesting choices in the books cost diamonds. Like- go hot tubbing with hot guy for 25 diamonds or go to sleep early, costing 0 diamonds. So it’s fun and I’m totally addicted, but it’s also really aggravating at the same time! I wanna do the fun things! Hahaha

So for today I have a beautiful polish by Different Dimension that Missi did for the Polish Pickup. In case you’re not fully immersed  in the indie nail scene like some of us, the polish pickup is where a load of indie polish makers each make a polish based on one theme. The theme that I got this polish in was Old Hollywood. Missi picked the beautiful Dorothy Dandridge as her inspiration.

 Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge is probably most famous for two things in her life- she was the first African American woman to be nominated for an Oscar. The other thing is not so pretty a thing in our history. A place Dorothy was performing at had an inground pool. She dipped one toe in the water to check it out and the place actually drained, cleaned, and refilled the pool because black people were considered unclean. It was thought by narrow-minded people that they carried diseases that white people could catch. One toe in the pool. Okay, now that I’m good and angry, let’s continue.

The polish that Missi made is stunning. It’s a black jelly with holographic micro flakies. I love special black polishes so I snatched this one up.

Dorothy Dandridge by Different Dimension 3

Dorothy Dandridge by Different Dimension

The polish was opaque in two coats and went on beautifully- no formula issues whatsoever. I don’t know why, but the holo does not show up in any of my pictures! Not even the sun one! Well, it is there in person.

Dorothy Dandridge by Different Dimension 1

Dorothy Dandridge by Different DimensionDorothy Dandridge by Different Dimension 2

Dorothy Dandridge by Different Dimension

I got another polish around the same time that I thought would amp up the holo factor on this one. I had picked up Twinkling Lights by Night Owl Lacquer. This was my first purchase from them along with a polish that they did as a custom in a FB group I’m in called Grey Nail Polish Fanatics. So here is one coat of Twinkling Lights over Dorothy Dandridge-

Dorothy Dandridge by Different Dimension and Twinkling Light by Night Owl Lacquer 4Dorothy Dandridge by Different Dimension and Twinkling Light by Night Owl Lacquer

Dorothy Dandridge by Different Dimension w Twinkling Lights by Night Owl Lacquer

Twinkling Lights is a total glitter bomb in a clear base. I’ll definitely be using this at Christmas time! So I hope you guys like today’s post!

Thanks for dropping in!

4 thoughts on “Dorothy Dandridge with Twinkling Lights!

  1. I didn’t know that the shameful pool incident was because of Dorothy Dandridge. Fuuuu, I hate people and their stupidity and racism. This is why I work from home, lol.

    The polish is a gorgeous representation and looks lovely on you, especially paired with that topper!

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