Liv by Zoya!

Hello, everyone! Yay, it’s Friday! Anyone got plans this weekend? We’re probably just going to stay at home. We are all sick and all with something different. Lol, each of us is desperately trying not to get what everyone else has. We are a hot mess here. I’m also bummed that I sort of have to leave the house in the mornings right now. The township tore up the roads on our street and the ones on either side of us. This means the buses can’t get through. We live not even halfway down the block from the bus stop, so the nugget and I usually sit on the porch and he’d just walk down the block when the bus came (he’s 9). Now, however, we have to walk a block and a half. This means I cannot be smelly with greasy hair, which is me everrrry morning. I gotta spruce up so the parents don’t think I’m totally grody.

Anywhos! I’ve been showing you guys some really beautiful polishes lately, complex ones. I was about to put on yet another stunner when my eye caught this Zoya crème. It pulled me to it like a space ship in a tractor beam. It was perfection. I needed a serious palate cleansing, guys. Something simple. This lovely is Zoya’s Liv.

Liv by ZoyA

Liv by Zoya

Liv is a pink leaning purple crème that is sooooo saturated. One coater, we got a one coater here! Base coat, Liv, top coat, done. The formula was perfect, which Zoya usually has great formulae.

Liv by Zoya2Liv by Zoya3

Liv by Zoya

And of course I arted on it. I got a set of twelve different colored glittery striping tapes from Born Pretty, and thought they would look cool on this in a sort of tone-on-tone look.

Live by Z oya w nail art

Liv by Zoya

I had a bit of a tough time getting the ends of these to stay down. They aren’t as malleable as regular metallic striping tapes. I’m not sure how I will use these again, when I do. Maybe to decorate something else.

Zoya is having a sale right now where you get them buy one, get one if you add 6 or more to your cart. The code is GOZOYA2. You can also send them any unwanted polishes for them to properly dispose of them. A friend and I always go in on this sale. You can’t beat them at $5 apiece. Oh, and shipping is FREE!!!

Also, if you’re interested in grabbing some striping tape yourself (or something else) you can use my code LESLIEW10 for 10% off of your order at Born Pretty.

Thanks for stopping by the ol’ bloggo today!

7 thoughts on “Liv by Zoya!

    1. Thank you! I was seriously lacking in the purple department, so I picked up a bunch during a Zoya sale. I got, like, 5 purples and a green. I’m buying from this sale they’re having, but I have 14 on my list!!! This is gonna be a tough list to cut.


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