Riveting Rosy!

Hi, everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday and it was absolutely sweltering! And I’m in Pennsylvania! They had these slides there that were on top of this giant pyramid made of hay bales. My nugget had been talking for weeks about how he was going to climb the pyramid for hours. When we got there we saw that they had made regular slides with steps to go up. His disappointment broke my heart. After a while, though, he was having a good time on them.

Today I have a lovely thermal polish from Lucky 13 Lacquer to show you all!

Riveting Rosy by Lucky 13 Lacquer 4

Riveting Rosy by Lucky 13 Lacquer

Riveting Rosy is described on the site as “Lemon yellow when warm to rosy pink when cold.” Every order comes with a bag of silver holographic and pink “moth” shapes to use if you like!

Riveting Rosy by Lucky 13 LacquerRiveting Rosy by Lucky 13 Lacquer 1

Riveting Rosy by Lucky 13 Lacquer

It takes 3 coats for Riveting Rosy to be opaque. The formula is lovely and goes on so smoothly. I had no problems with it. You may notice all the pictures are of my hands wet.  I had to dip my hands in cool and hot water to facilitate the transition and I have a disorder in them that affects how my body recieves temperature changes. I had to be super quick because of that. lol, I’m weird.

Riveting Rosy by Lucky 13 Lacquer 8

Riveting Rosy by Lucky 13 Lacquer

This is a really pretty polish and the transition is a cool combination, I think. I also did some nail art on this! I used the butterflies you get with the polish and some teeny tiny rhinestones from Born Pretty.

Riveting Rosy by Lucky 13 Lacquer with nail art

Riveting Rosy by Lucky 13 Lacquer

If you are digging this polish, head on over to www.lucky13lacquer.com to grab this or check out all of the other pretties Anya cooked up! Tomorrow I will have another Lucky 13 polish to show you that was done in a cool collab with some other fun items!

Thanks for checking out the blog today!

10 thoughts on “Riveting Rosy!

  1. This polish is so pretty! And your poor son 😞 I hate seeing kids disappointed when they’ve been looking forward to something for a long time. I so wish we could take all life’s lessons for them but where would that get them? 😂

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