Spring Bouquet!

Hi, everyone! So fall is upon us and it has been 80 degrees in Pennsylvania. We’re going to the local pumpkin patch on Saturday. They have a short hay ride, a corn field maze, a playground area, a target practice- with an apple slingshot. It is going to be 79 degrees that day. I think when we pick our pumpkin, he’s going to have to chill in the basement for a while so he doesn’t start wilting in the sun and get moldy.

In the spirit of this crazily warm autumn, I chose to wear ILNP’s Spring Bouquet! I was in the mood for something light and airy.

Spring Bouquet by ILNP 1

Spring Bouquet by ILNP

This polish is from their Color Kissed Ultra Holo line and is described as “a dreamy array of shades ranging from subtle greens, to soft pinks, and even delicate purples!” And it is packed with holo-y goodness!

Spring Bouquet by ILNP 3

Spring Bouquet by ILNP

This polish goes on in 2 easy coats for opacity. The formula is fantastic.

Spring Bouquet by ILNPSpring Bouquet by ILNP 2

Spring Bouquet by ILNP

I gotta tell you guys, I don’t have a fancy camera like the good bloggers do, so the more bells and whistles (i.e. holo with glitter and flakies) a polish has, the better chance my camera won’t capture it and go haywire. So I was really shocked at the amount of great shots I got of Spring Bouquet! And of course I did art all over these babies!

Spring Bouquet by ILNP with nail art

Spring Bouquet by ILNP with stamping

I got this image off a plate full of awesome patterns from Born Pretty, plate BP-L005. Once I got it on my nails, I gotta be honest- it looks like the eye of Sauron, doesn’t it?! hahahaha If you’re interested in picking up some plates from Born Pretty, you can use my code- LESLIEW10- for 10% off of your order.

I’m taking the weekend off and I’ll be back Monday with some really cool stuff from Lucky 13 Lacquer.

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