MADD Hope!

Hey, guys! We’ve hit the middle of the week and it feels like it’s flying by to me. I’ve got a bunch of fall/horror things going on this weekend that I’m looking forward to, including the party I told you all about yesterday. Well, I got that god awful kitchen table straightened out and now I just need to do the counter that houses all my nail art items and untried polishes. It should be party-ready by Friday.

So today I have one of the polishes I stockpiled during the little break I took. This one was a special charity polish David from Parrot Polish cooked up to benefit Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I’m pretty sure he sold this exclusively in the PP fan group on Facebook. When this post is over, you can find the FB group by searching Parrot Polish Party People. You can get discounts and brand exclusives by joining! Anyway, here it is!

MADD Hope by Parrot Polish

MADD Hope by Parrot Polish

This polish is a real chameleon. In the bottle, it looks emerald green with a smidge of teal. It really takes on a whole spectrum of greens, as you’ll see how the difference the lighting changes what this beauty looks like! There’s Emerald, Hunter, Olive, Gold, Copper, Teal…..

MADD Hope by Parrot Polish 2

MADD Hope by Parrot Polish

This polish is opaque in 2 simple coats and the formula is fantastic. I don’t think Parrot Polish can do a bad formula! They just keep pumping out winners! Also, the customer service is second to none. Don’t get me wrong, most indie polish makers are wonderful, generous people. But David and Sonja are top notch! Here’s another pic for you and then I’ll get to the art!

MADD Hope by Parrot Polish 1

MADD Hope by Parrot Polish

Okay, onto the nail art! I know I’ve used this plate a couple times lately,  but it just fits these polishes so well! I did dragon scales (Yeah, they look like mermaid scales, but I want them to be a dragon’s!) and I also used a dragon plate. The dragon was rather large and I tried to get just his head on my nail. It’s pretty questionable, lol. The plate that the scales are on is Born Pretty plate BP-109. The dragon plate you can also get at Born Pretty, but it is not made by them. It’s Ya Qin An plate Y015. It’s got some gorgeous florals on it, too.

MADD Hope by Parrot Polish 3MADD Hope by Parrot Polish 4

MADD Hope by Parrot Polish

So, I know the emerald/teal shift wasn’t really noticeable in these pictures, but it IS noticeable with regular, everyday indoor lighting. Unfortunately, that lighting is not good for clear pictures, which is all I try to give to you guys!

So to wrap it up, you can find some gorgeous polishes at and you can join the Facebook group at Parrot Polish Party People.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!

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