Leaf Of Faith!

Hi, all! I’m writing this Wednesday night for a midnight posting. I have so much to do tomorrow, I won’t have time for blogging. Or, really, by the time you read this I won’t have any time TODAY. I feel like crap- nausea and whatnot. I have some cooking to do and have to get to Walmart for ingredients. Before I hurt my back, I cooked for all of our shindigs. Once that happened, though, cooking would put me out of commission for the rest of the party. So I’ll be making bacon wrapped little smokies ahead of time and mini pizzas right before the party. Since we’ll just be watching movies, I can rest my back after. I know, this is thrilling for you all to read! lol Okay, enough of my rambling!

Today’s post features a polish I had been coveting for a while and finally had the money to purchase!

Leaf of Faith by KBShimmer

Leaf Of Faith by KBShimmer

This stunning red jelly polish is Leaf of Faith by KBShimmer. On the site it’s described as a deep cabernet red jelly with glitters in red, orange, and gold with a scattering of holographic glitter. I think it’s such a rich shade of red and the depth of the flakies is just gorgeous.

Leaf of Faith by KBShimmer 1

Leaf of Faith by KBShimmer

KBShimmer suggests doing 3 coats of this for maximum color and depth. I just did 2 coats here, so my shade is a little lighter than what you’ll see on the site where they used 3 coats. It’s stunning either way, though. The formula was superb and I had no issues with having to go fishing for glitters. The glitter you see is what actually just came up with the brush.

Leaf of Faith by KBShimmer 3

Leaf of Faith by KBShimmer

All in all, it’s a beautiful, squishy, jelly polish perfect for any time of year, but especially for autumn! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!

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