Throwback Thursday!

Hola, amigas! I’m hoping your Tuesday went well! I just stopped at the vet for meds for Maggie and WalMart for my meds and grapes. I have not been able to stop eating them! Finally I’m hooked on something that didn’t come from a bakery! Hahaha So tonight we continued putting Larry and Maggie together in a supervised setting. Larry (who is 7 freaking times her size!) chases her, gives her light smacks….Maggie mostly hides. After Larry chased her for the tenth time, I held into him and she was brave enough to come out and smack his tail several times. We’re pretty much just waiting for them not to give a crap that the other one is in the room.

Today’s mani is from 5 years ago. It was actually one of my favorites for a long time.

Valerie by Shimmer Polish 2

Autumn Mani from 2012

So one of my very first brand of indies was Shimmer Polish. I had won a contest she was running and received 6 gorgeous shades, Valerie being one of them. Before I go on, I have to tell you guys that this lady is a master of glitter mixes. Her Etsy shop shows she’s on a short break and I don’t know how long that’s been. Her polishes can be worn as a top coat or as a full coverage glitter polish in just TWO coats. The formula is fantastic. She’s a whiz! Unfortunately, glitter polishes aren’t as popular as they once were. Remember when ILNP was all glitter polishes? I do! Back to Valerie- it’s filled with copper, silver, and black glitters in a brown base and goes on smoothly.

Valerie by Shimmer Polish 1

Autumn Mani from 2012

The other polishes I used for this were Wet n Wild’s 2% Milk, which took too many coats to count to become opaque; Sally Hansen Insta Dri’s Mint Sprint; and Sinful Colors Hazard, which was featured in Tuesday’s post. For the zigzags, I used nail stickers from Born Pretty. I used to do these kinds of manis allll the time and I think it’s time I get back to my “skittling” roots, at least once in a while.

I hope you guys all liked this flashback and I appreciate you checking out the blog!

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