Bangladesh Tiger with Pumpkins!

Hello, everyone! How’s your week been? We’re creeping up on Halloween! Trick or Treat night is Saturday in my town. The nugget is going to be a ninja and the baby daddy is a Voodoo priest. I just got some cat ears and a studded collar. Ears are usually as far as I go for trick or treating.

Now for some Halloween nails! They’re really basic. Anyone could do these with a little bit of stamping know-how.

Bangladesh Tiger by Parrot Polish

Bangladesh Tiger by Parrot Polish with stamping

So for these nails, I did two coats of Bangladesh Tiger by Parrot Polish. This color was one of a promotion that Dave and Sonja were doing- if you bought one of their polishes listed on Ebay, you got an unreleased polish free. See? You all need to join Parrot Polish Party People on Facebook! No undies needed for this neon! The formula was very nice, also. I top coated this before I stamped so I could wipe away any mistakes with non acetone remover without taking off any orange.

Bangladesh Tiger by Parrot Polish 1

Bangladesh Tiger by Parrot Polish with stamping

The pumpkin image I used is off of a really nice Halloween plate by Born Pretty– BP-L057. The black polish I used is Dark Knight by Funky Fingers. When the stamping was dry I did a coat of top coat. As you may see, some of the stamping smeared. I was really bummed because I even floated the top coat. Floating the top coat means you have a significant amount of top coat on your brush. So much so, that the actual brush is never applied directly to the nail. Next time I will also use the hair spray method. This is when you mist a layer of aerosol hair spray over your stamping to create a protective barrier.

Minus the streaking, I’m fairly satisfied with how this simple mani turned out. Next I’ll be doing pussy cats to match my trick or treating ears!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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