Gold Mirror Powder from Born Pretty!

Hi, everyone! The weekend is drawing nigh! So remember when I said I had to grab stuff for the kitties? One of those things was flea spray for the house. It comes in a Lysol-type can. $32 freaking dollars! Jeebus H! lol, I also found some nice clothes for the upcoming christenings…I was beginning to lose hope. Most of my weight gain is in my mid section, so when I find pants that fit my waist, they are super baggy in the legs and crotch. (Isn’t crotch a hilarious word?) I ended up finding a stretchy pair of tighter dress pants. Thank god!


Today’s post is about a gold mirror powder sent to me by Cynthia at Born Pretty. It’s on sale for .99 cents right now and you get enough for a few manis. It’s item # 40836.

Gold Mirror Nail Powder by Born Pretty 40836

Gold Mirror Powder by Born Pretty

So you can see in my pictures that it doesn’t look very mirror-like. That’s what happened when I put a gel top coat on top. Before that, it had a mirror shine. But I felt like not top coating it would be misleading and I didn’t want to do that to you guys. What I need to do is find a type of top coat that leaves it in a mirror shine state.

Gold Mirror Nail Powder by Born Pretty 40836 1

Gold Mirror Powder from Born Pretty

For this, I used the nail polish I already had on, which was Butterfly Dance by Northern Nail Polish. First I used a gel top coat. Then I used the eye shadow applicator that came with the powder. A little bit goes a long way! I got really nice coverage! I topped it off with the same gel top coat. I think next time I will try a regular top coat and see what happens to the mirror effect.

If you’re interested in some nail powder, or other nail goodies, you can find them at You can also use my code- LESLIEW10 for 10% off regular priced merchandise.

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