77 Nail Lacquer Advent Calendar Week 2

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you’re all not having a craptastic start to your week! So did everyone have a good weekend? On Saturday evening the family went to a dinner party at our friends’ house. It was nice to eat someone else’s cooking for once! Also, one of our friends had a serious butt load of DVDs free that came with the Blue Ray DVDs…and we all got to go through them and pick what ones we wanted. There were hundreds. On Sunday I did my Christmas cookies. I do a wicked good double chocolate chip, an amazing sugar cookie (recipe from Allrecipes- Soft Sugar Cookies IV) and a new one that’s made with a cake mix and sprinkles and rolled into balls with powdered sugar. They are soooooo good. Today, I plan on icing and sprinkling the sugar cookies. I barely made it through the baking with my bad back, so I always save decorating for the next night.

So let’s get to what you guys read this blog for- the polish! Today I have the second week of 77 Nail Lacquer’s advent calendar.

Second week advent calendar Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer

77 Nail Lacquer Advent Calendar- week 2

The second week features some jellies and top coats. Here they are from Day 8 to Day 14:

Spirit- a multicolor top coat featuring hex and square glitters

Wish- a deep blue jelly with glitter shreds

Kris- a pea green/chartreuse polish

Peace- a light blue, almost teal, polish

Starr- a burgundy with orangish-red shimmer (the pics look purple- it’s not)

Anya- a black with burgundy/cranberry shimmer

Belle- a lavender jelly with iridescent glitter

Second week collage Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer

Left row from top to bottom- Spirit, Wish, Kris
Right row from top to bottom- Peace, Starr, Anya, Belle

I haven’t worn any of these yet, but I did do 2 coats of each on a swatch wheel and put it over lined paper for you to see opacity/sheerness

Second week advent calendar Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer swatch wheel

Week 2 of 77 Nail Lacquer’s Advent Calendar

I’m saving the rest of the extras, so I should have some for you to look at on the next advent calendar post.

Thanks for stopping by!

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