Alicia by Zoya!

Hello, lovelies! How was your Thursday? Mine was okay. I took the nugget for a haircut, which turned out pretty sweet- our barber is awesome. Gremlins was our Christmas movie of the night. Today we have to get on top of our Christmas cards. We always have a good time doing them. We draw crazy stuff all over the envelopes. For people that live locally, we drive around hand delivering them. We sneak them into their mail boxes and then take off, lol. We’ve been doing this for about 17 years now. The nugget has really come to enjoy this tradition.

Today I have a really pretty polish for you all- Alicia by Zoya.

Alicia by Zoya 3

Alicia by Zoya

Alicia is a very delicate silver with scattered holo throughout. If you like wearing holographic nail polishes, but work in a conservative environment, you can definitely get away with wearing Alicia. It has a great formula, per usual with Zoya, and is opaque in 2 thinner coats. In some of my pictures you can see my nail line. You can’t see it in person, though.

Alicia by Zoya 2

Alicia by Zoya

Alicia by Zoya 1

Alicia by Zoya

This polish is perfect for holiday manis and I’ve got some art coming up to show you!

Alicia by Zoya Christmas tree nail art

Alicia by Zoya with nail art

I had an idea to use green bar glitter to make a tree. I used striping tape for the shape, used some top coat, and then started putting the glitter at the end of the nail and working my way up the tree. I thought this would give it a more realistic shape. The glitter is from Michael’s. Next, I added some colored studs and stars that I got at Born Pretty. I actually debated on whether I wanted to post this now or not. By the time I had this nail art done, I had lost daylight. My nail art looks best in that lighting. I think my tree looks way cooler in person than in my light box picture. You can’t make out the individual bars of glitter like the picture shows. But, what the hell. I’m posting it, lol. I also have a macro, which those of you that are not fans of bar glitter will probably hate. Honestly, this is one of my favorite Christmas nail arts that I’ve ever done.

Alicia by Zoya tree macro

Alicia by Zoya with nail art

Welp, there it is! Thanks for stopping by!


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