Throwback Thursday with Snowy Nails

Hello, all! First I’d like to apologize for my scarce posts. I honestly haven’t done my nails since New Years Eve and THOSE popped off my nails. I have some ideas for what I’d like to do, but I’ve been so tired and BLAH. My anxiety is bad and I’m not feeling awake. I have a few real life issues going on, so I know it’s not my thyroid or anything acting up.

On the fun side, did you guys see this last month’s Polish Pick Up? LORDY! I actually got 5 polishes, using all da Christmas monies. If you don’t know what the Pickup is- It’s a group of, like, over 70 makers so far, that all make polishes based on a theme voted for by group members (customers). They all pick different inspiration pics and make their polish from there. This past month’s was Crystals & Gems. Next month’s theme is Sugar Rush. So you only pick the polishes you want to buy and pay one flat shipping fee of, I believe, $3.50. It’s ingenious. They’re only sold for a few days in the beginning of the month, so you have to set your alarm so you don’t miss out!

So for today I have a throwback for you all, as I’ve been too bummed to do my nails.

Snowy White Flocked Nails

Snowy Nails

For this mani, I used a random white polish and then sprinkled on white flocking powder that I got at Michael’s. I know it’s a completely unwearable mani, but I really wanted to do it! I loved how it turned out. It was so fun!

That’s about all, folks! Hopefully I’ll have some new stuff for you guys soon!  Thanks for stopping by!


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