Holographic Powder from Beauty Bigbang

Hi, everyone! How’s your week starting up? I have to grocery shop, so that’s exciting. hahaha Anyone have a football fan in the house? My guy is a big Saints fan. They were down, staged an amazing comeback, and lost with, like, 15 seconds left in the game. The atmosphere in our house yesterday was absolutely funereal. I’ve only seen him like this with one other game and that was about 19 years ago. We all know Tom Brady is gonna win the Super Bowl anyway, right?


So onto the polish. Or in today’s case, powder! I’m trying to catch up with my Beauty Bigbang and Born Pretty review items since the holidays are past us. Today’s powder is from Beauty Bigbang.

Beauty Bigbang Banner

Here’s the powder I received to try-

Beauty Bigbang holo powder

Beauty Bigbang’s holographic powder

This particular powder is option 12 out of their powder selection. It’s kind of a red/rust/copper holographic chameleon. You get about .2 grams of powder. It doesn’t look like much, but it also doesn’t take very much to do a full mani! I’d say you could get at least 4 full manis out of it.

Beauty Bigbang holo powder 1

Beauty Bigbang’s Holographic Powder

To do these, you need to start with a gel base. You cure it, add black polish, cure it, add gel top coat, cure it, wipe on powder with an applicator, dust off excess powder, add gel top coat, cure it. Seeing as you just cure everything under a lamp instead of waiting for regular polish to dry, application goes rather quickly.

My opinion is that these powders are fun. You get to try a variety of options on the cheap and if you don’t like the color, it’s not like you’re out of a $12 bottle of polish.

Beauty Bigbang holo powder 2

Beauty Bigbang’s Holographic Powder

Interested in seeing what else Beauty Bigbang has to offer? Check out their site! www.beautybigbang.com

Want to try one of these powders? Follow this link- https://www.beautybigbang.com/products/0-2g-box-holographic-chameleon-peacock-nail-glitter-laser-chrome-pigment-nail-dust-powder

You can use my code- SPP10 for 10% off of your order on their site!


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