Cloudy Days by Grace-full Nail Polish

Hello, all! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty great! I mentioned that we were going out for our anniversary. We stayed at a place in the Poconos. What was awesome is that our room was upgraded to one with it’s own freaking pool! How cool is that? We wished we could’ve spent a whole weekend there, but it was amazing regardless.

I did my nails to complement what I was wearing. Unfortunately, the art got messed up before I got pictures of it. I’m super ticked about that. I did this pretty silver foil baroque stamping. The picture I have today is pretty basic, lol. And please forgive the dry cuticles!

Cloudy Days by Grace-full Nail Polish

Cloudy Days by Grace-full Nail Polish

I’m a huge lover of grey polishes. I belong to the Facebook fan group, lol. I have a few grey cremes, but this is the lightest one I own. I just love doing crazy glitter and fun nail art over greys. I think it pops in a more sophisticated way than over white. Especially when you matte it!

This particular polish is Cloudy Days by Grace-full Nail Polish. It’s a very pretty light grey. The formula was a little bit streaky. It mostly evened out with two coats. If you’re looking for absolute perfection, you’ll want to do three. I’m finding that I just don’t have the patience for 3-4 coats anymore. I try to avoid buying anything too sheer. … I type this while wearing a 3 coat polish…. Okay, so if it’s awesome, I’ll buy a 3 coater. If you love greys, this is a great staple to have in your collection!

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