Born Pretty Stamping Polish Review Pt 1

Hey, all! Hope you all had a great week! Mine was typical- doing a lot of basic stuff,  but nothing special! I have to go grocery shopping today- my fave. 😛 The boyfriend is on a diet, so I have to be really choosy on what I buy. He has this thing that I don’t have- it’s called willpower, lol. Of course, it would help if I weren’t on 4 drugs that cause hunger. I’m about to change that crap.


So a little while ago, Cathy from Wish asked me if I’d like to review some Born Pretty stamping polish. I was all, heck yes! I would never pass up the opportunity to expand my stamping horizons. Today I have 2 of those polishes.

BP 40249-20 lilac

Born Pretty Lilac stamping polish #40249-20

Both polishes I’m showing you today are metallic. I don’t have many metallics to stamp with, so I chose this lilac stunner. My base colors are Salon Perfect’s Sugar Cube and Funky Fingers’ Dark Knight. The plate I used is Born Pretty plate- BPL-027. I have to admit, when I saw how sheer the polish was after I scraped it, I was a little skeptical, but it went on the nail nicely.

BP 40249-20 lilac 2

BP 40249-20 lilac 3

Born Pretty Lilac stamping polish #42049-20

Next up is a sort of duochrome polish. It looks olive green, but sometimes looks gold. It reminds me of the ugly carpet from the 70s I had as a kid. I like it!

BP 40249-22 olive 4

Born Pretty Olive stamping polish #40249-22

This polish worked great too! It’s a really unique color and I’m thinking it could be cool with plaid stamping using some other unconventional colors. For this, I used Born Pretty plate BP-L013.

BP 40249-22 olive 2

BP 40249-22 olive 3

Born Pretty Olive stamping polish #40249-22

You can check out Cathy’s Wish store here- There are tons of great deals. She doesn’t currently have these polishes in stock. They were going for $2 a piece. On Born Pretty’s site they are $2.99.

That’s all she wrote, folks! I’ll see you on Monday with the other 2 colors she sent me!


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