Beauty Bigbang Glitter!

Hello, everyone! How is your week going? Mine’s not so great. I had a migraine and my anxiety is crazy bad. I got a new camera last week and my anxiety had kept me from even looking at it. Yesterday I finally checked it out and decided I needed to get on the ball with my reviewing. I have a few items for Beauty Bigbang and Born Pretty that need attention.


Today’s item from Beauty Bigbang is super pretty circle glitters. I loooove round glitter and this has me wanting to pull out my supplies and begin frankening! Mua hahahaha Frankening, for those of you that don’t know, is when you combine other polishes or take a glittery clear base and add your own pigments or glitters or other polishes. The guidelines are pretty loose- create a new creature from multiple parts and have fun! Back to the review. Here’s a picture of the glitter I received.

Beauty Bigbang J1329-5C Sinful Colors Easy Going 4

Beauty Bigbang Item #J1329-5C over Sinful Colors Easy Going

First I want to get out my comments on the polish, Easy Going by Sinful Colors. It’s a lightly pink shaded cream color. It was streaky and took a while to dry. It sucked. On my nails is 3 medium coats. I guess indies have spoiled me. The colors of glitter you get with this item are blush pink, peridot, and gold. It’s a really lovely combination. They also come in 3 different sizes from 1.5mm- 3mm. I wanted this to be matte, but all my matte top coats dry too quickly to place glitter, so I did a glossy top coat and added the glitters with a dotting tool. Once they were secure and the top coat dried, I used Lucky 13 Lacquer’s We’re All Matte Here for a matte look. If you have any glitter still sticking out slightly, I suggest doing one more top coat.

Beauty Bigbang J1329-5C Sinful Colors Easy Going 1

Beauty Bigbang J1329-5C Sinful Colors Easy Going 2

Beauty Bigbang J1329-5C Sinful Colors Easy Going 3

Beauty Bigbang item #J1329-5C on Sinful Colors Easy Going

I have to say that I liked the way this turned out. The glitter was easy to work with. The colors in this particular jar would be perfect for Spring and Easter! If you’re interested in grabbing this, you can search the item # at If you want to just get directly to this glitter, follow this link-

You can use my code for 10% off of your order- SPP10

Beauty Bigbang Banner

Thanks for stopping by!

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