Gold Nail Stickers and Zoya!

Hello, all! I hope your week is going well! I’m doing alright. Got a couple chores done yesterday and watched Project Runway. I’m totally looking forward to grocery shopping today. Totally. hahaha Okay, not really.


Today I have some really fun nail stickers that were sent to me by Beauty Bigbang. I decided to pair them with a polish from Zoya’s recent Party Girls collection.

Landon by Zoya from the Party Girls collection

Landon by Zoya

Landon is a lovely red-leaning purple crème. The formula is fantastic and it’s nearly a one coater! I don’t know about you guys, but Zoya is definitely my favorite mainstream polish. It seriously never disappoints. Some other mainstreams I like are Sally Hansen and Pure Ice. Their formulas can be hit or miss, but they usually turn out a lovely polish for a very affordable price.

Beauty Bigbang J5751-6C Landon by Zoya

Beauty Bigbang Item #J5751-6C and Landon by Zoya

Before I get into the stickers, I have to tell you guys- I got a new camera and it has a custom white balance. This has totally changed the game for me in terms of color accuracy. You are truly seeing the right shade of purple. Before I figured out the white balance, this looked like a blue-leaning purple. Completely different color. It’s a Canon PowerShot Elph 190 IS.

Okay, how gorgeous are these stickers?! I’ve tried some stickers in the past that were meh, but these go on so nice. You really can’t tell that they’re stickers at all. There are 8 different designs that are in this little gold bead look- straight, curved, zigzag, etc. I really loved the lightning design, though. They really punch up your nail look!

Beauty Bigbang J5751-6C Landon by Zoya 1

Beauty Bigbang Item #J5751-6C and Landon by Zoya

When the boyfriend got home today I asked him how he liked my nails, to which he replied, “What sorcery is this?!” hahaha, definitely a good reaction!

If you’re interested in these, head to If you’d like to browse Beauty Bigbang’s site, go to You can use my code- SPP10 for 10% off of your order!

Beauty Bigbang Banner

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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