Grey Opal by Polished For Days

Hello, everyone! How’s your week so far? Nothing to really talk about for me! I’m kind of struggling to get on a sleep schedule and it’s really hard. When I’m tired, my eyes go shut. Plus, when I get over-tired I get a migraine. So double hooray! I tried going to sleep at a normal hour tonight and here I am….early morning Wednesday almost wide awake. And I have to be up at 6. Last time this happened on Monday, I struggled while driving home. Turned up the radio, put the window down. Anything to help me wake up. This shit is for the birds.

Today’s polish is from January’s Polish Pick Up- the Crystals and Gems theme. What is Polish Pick Up? It’s where a butt ton of makers make polishes based on themes as voted on by the people that are going to buy the polish. You choose your favorites, they ship them all to you for whatever they cost plus a $3 shipping fee. I don’t know how that works, but it must be magic. I bought 5 that month, using my Christmas $$. This is Grey Opal by Polished For Days.

Grey Opal by Polished For Days

Grey Opal by Polished For Days

Guys, there are loads of flakies in this polish in a grey base. It appears that there grey, silver, and fiery opal-shifting flakies. It makes for a very complex, beautiful polish.

Grey Opal by Polished For Days 1

Grey Opal by Polished For Days

This is my first purchase from Polished For Days. I’m impressed with the beauty of it. The formula is fantastic and the polish goes on opaquely in 2 coats. I was a little bummed because I got 2 gorgeous flakies on my middle finger in the first coat, but had to cover them up with the second. You don’t need to fish for the bigger flakies, either. They are in abundance.

Grey Opal by Polished For Days 3

Grey Opal by Polished For Days 2

Grey Opal by Polished For Days

I highly suggest going to and checking out the polishes that are releasing this coming Friday, the 2nd! The theme is books. They’re not all up yet, but you can make an account and start a wishlist, which in turn you can add all to your cart and buy, if you choose. Some items have a cap on them- like only 150 polishes were made. For those, you need to be online right when the shop opens and ready to buy.

I hope you guys liked this post. Coming up, I have a polish from February’s Pick Up.

Thanks for stopping by!

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