Beauty Bigbang Review

Hey, everyone! How’s your week wrapping up? We were supposed to get hammered with snow, but ended up with just an inch or so. And most of it melted once it hit the street. I’m sorta bummed. I like a snowstorm. They bring back happy school memories of all my friends gathered at my BFF’s house and goofing off all day. Good times!


Today I have a review of a Beauty Bigbang item, but first let’s check out this untried polish I have by China Glaze from their 90s collection a year or so ago.

Fresh Prince-ss by China Glaze 3

Fresh Prince-ss by China Glaze

When I saw this pink, I had to have it. I am a collector of pastel cremes and this one looked beautiful. The formula of Fresh Prince-ss is unfortunate. It’s very streaky and takes 3 coats to mostly even that out. I was glad, though, that it didn’t flood the cuticle, so kudos for that.

Fresh Prince-ss by China Glaze 2

Fresh Prince-ss by China Glaze 1

Fresh Prince-ss by China Glaze

The final result is a very pretty pink. I probably won’t use this again, though, because I got a very similar pink in a Cirque Colors grab bag. That polish’s formula is excellent. Like I’m always saying- indies have spoiled me, lol!

Onto the review. I chose these metal alloy lines to try. They’re kind of like striping tape, but not sticky and they’re a little slimmer. The color choice I picked was 3C, which is sort of a hematite.

Beauty Bigbang J6299-3C and Fresh Prince-ss by China Glaze

Beauty Bigbang item J6299- 3C with Fresh Prince-ss by China Glaze

I was going for a Japanese style of nail art here. I think it turned out pretty cute. So the first thing I did was matte the nails with Lucky 13 Nail Lacquer’s We’re All Matte Here. Next I added trimmed pieces of the lines to my nails and then some doodads from Born Pretty. The lines are super easy to use. I applied them with a dotting tool that had a teensy bit of top coat on it for grip. They’re about 2 inches long when you get them and are simple to trim to your liking. I’m thinking of getting more colors because I really like this kind of nail art….even though my doodads are definitely not practical, lol.

If you’re interested in checking this item out, head to

If you want to browse the site, head to

You can use my code- SPP10 for 10% off of your order!

Beauty Bigbang Banner

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!



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