Emerald by KBShimmer

Hola, amigos! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty sucky. Not to hit you with TMI, but I get really severe cramps when Aunt Flo visits, so that sums up my entire weekend. And laundry. lol

So this week is going to be all St. Pat’s inspired or just a green here and there. Today I have a beautiful green for you. For some reason, my camera couldn’t comprehend all the sparkle coming it’s way. None of the pictures do the polish justice. I think I’m going to start taking short videos so you can really see the full sparkle effect. Here we have Emerald, from KBShimmer’s  birthstone collection.

Emerald by KBShimmer

Emerald by KBShimmer

The birthstone collection is known for it’s insanely sparkly flakies. You get even more sparkle than glitter (and a MUCH easier removal), but it was too much for my camera to pick up! When the birthstone collex first came out, I was quite broke and could only afford two- Diamond and Peridot. Since then, I’ve picked up quite a few at KBShimmer and a couple of destashes.

Emerald by KBShimmer 1

Emerald by KBShimmer

The formula for this collection is flawless. It gives total coverage in 2 very easy coats. Honestly, this might be the nicest set of polishes I’ve worked with. I absolutely love all of them. If you can nab them in a destash, do it. You won’t regret it! (If you don’t know what a destash is, ask below and I’ll be glad to talk you through it!)

Emerald by KBShimmer 2

Emerald by KBShimmer

Most of you will know this, but KBShimmer is going through a rebranding as I type! They’re getting a total makeover with new packaging, new bottles (not the shape), new scents in their body line, and a wicked awesome new collection! It all releases on the 15th, so be ready to check out the site. A lot of bloggers have been rolling out pics of the new product and it’s amazing! www.kbshimmer.com

Thanks for checking out the blog today!

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