Beauty Bigbang Metallic Mirror Nail Polish

Hi, everyone! I hope your week is going well. This is my nugget’s last week of school, so I’m trying to mentally prepare for that, lol. It’s gonna be a long summer of “I’m bored”s and “I’m hungry”s. Le sigh. We do have some summer activities planned. I’m also trying to get him into a karate class. He was choked by some kid at school a couple of weeks ago. I’m hoping to build his confidence and learn some self defense.

Press Sample

So today I have a metallic mirror orange polish to show you from Beauty Bigbang. I’m gonna start by apologizing for my jacked nails. Ugh. My middle fingernail broke as I was looking through our clothes hamper. It’s kind of slanted. I just didn’t want to cut the thing down so far. Thanks to that I’m back in the nub club! And as usual with these types of polishes, it really shows every ridge on your nail unless you have a ridge filler with your base coat. I really need to add that to my repertoire. (<— OMG, guys. I spelled that without spell check! 😛 )

Beauty Big Bang J6459TM-6A

Beauty Bigbang Item J6459TM-6A Orange Metallic Mirror Polish

So first thing you may have noticed is that it appears that I am wearing two different colors. I assure you that I am not! This all happened with two different top coats. I did my index and middle fingers and realized I was now wearing gold polish instead of orange! The top coat I used is Pro-FX Long Wearing UV Top Coat, which I bought at Wal-Mart. Thankfully, I own several top coats. On my ring and pinky fingers, I used 77 Nail Lacquer’s Showstopper. Problem solved. I don’t know if this is a factor, but the Pro-FX top coat is a lavender color.

Beauty Big Bang J6459TM-6A 2

Beauty Bigbang J6459TM-6A Orange Metallic Mirror Polish

Okay, the polish itself was a little difficult. If you went over the nail with the brush twice, it pulled the polish up. Of course you need to go over it twice to get the polish evenly spread on the nail. This was disheartening. On the second coat, I was able to get a little better coverage, but it still wasn’t even. The third coat finally got the polish looking uniform. I know it looks messed up on the tip of my index finger. That’s because the nail peeled and had nothing to do with the polish itself.

Beauty Big Bang J6459TM-6A 3

Beauty Bigbang J6459TM-6A Orange Metallic Mirror Polish

If you are interested in mirror polishes like this, it is a good idea to get a ridge filler. I think they have one at Wal-Mart. They definitely carry it at Sally’s. With the ridge filler, you will get a nice, smooth mirror finish.

Beauty Big Bang J6459TM-6A 4

Beauty Bigbang J6459TM-6A Orange Metallic Mirror Polish

If you’re interested in this particular polish, you can head to If you want a different color (there are many), just head to and enter J6459TM in the search bar. All the colors will show up. You can also use my code SPP10 for 10% off of your order!

Beauty Bigbang Banner

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  🙂

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