Beauty Bigbang Stamping Plate Review

Hi, everyone! Hope your week is going well! I had a rather adventurous time last night. My nugget is crazy scared of bugs and a moth had gotten into his room. I’m not a bug fan myself, but I was trying to capture it gently in a tissue to release it. Got it. It escaped, landed on my arm, I shrieked, the nugget shrieked, and the moth hid behind his bed. UGH. One whole side of his bed is against the wall, so this gets tricky. Finally, he is captured. We get him outside and he won’t get off of the tissue. As I’m trying to shake him off, my nugget says, “Mama, there’s a skunk RIGHT BEHIND YOU!” I’m scared shitless, turning to find it. I’m opening the door to get back in and the damn moth is still on the tissue! It started flying into the kitchen, but I shooed him out. I hear little feet running on the deck. Instead of spraying me, he ran into the yard. YIKES. Close one. hahahaha


Today I have a stamping plate Beauty Bigbang sent me to review! It’s a long rectangular plate with butterflies, flowers, and other pretty, flowy images.

Beauty Bigbang KT040403 stamping plate

Beauty Bigbang Plate XL-003 item #BBBXL-003

The plate was very easy to use. Every image picked up perfectly. I used my clear Born Pretty stamper for this.

Beauty Bigbang KT040403 2

Beauty Bigbang Plate XL-003 item #BBBXL003

For this, I started with a base of Matte In The USA by Fresh Paint, and on my ring fingers I used Sinful Colors- Whipped Frosting from the Kandee Johnson collection.

Beauty Bigbang KT040403

Beauty Bigbang Plate XL-003 item #BBBXL-003

The polishes I used to stamp are Konad Special White and Pueen Baby Blue from their Super Intense line. Pueen’s stamping polishes are fantastic and they were $3.99 last that I looked.

Beauty Bigbang KT040403 1

Beauty Bigbang Plate XL-003 item #BBBXL-003

To top the mani off, I used Lucky 13 Lacquer’s We’re All Matte Here. And that’s it!

I love the beautiful array of images on this plate and they’re etched very well so you pick up every line. If you’re interested in the plate, go here: . If you want to browse the site, go to You can also use my code- SPP10 for 10% off of your order!

Beauty Bigbang Banner

Thanks for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “Beauty Bigbang Stamping Plate Review

  1. Sounds like how my daughter would react. Especially with spiders! This is a very pretty stamping plate. Beauty Big Bang have some great items 😊

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