Beauty Bigbang Stamper Review

Hey, everyone! Long time, no blog! It’s been…..a long month. Between illnesses, computer issues, and then the absolute worst. The death of a friend. One that is more like family. He had been my BF’s BFF for quite some time. They met when the BF transferred to another store at work. We loved him so much. Everyone did. There are so many amazing memories of him, pictures, videos. Yeah.

So that all has been keeping me away. Just trying to cope with what life throws at us.


I have finally gotten back to my items to review. Born Pretty and Beauty Bigbang probably think I fell off the face of the earth! Today’s item is one I was excited to get. I saw a couple other bloggers used it with great success.

Beauty Bigbang J2913TM 1

Beauty Bigbang Clear silicone stamper Item # J2913TM

I got the stamper. I first tried stamping without doing anything to it. I was using Funky Fingers Dark Knight polish and Winstonia plate W403, which you can purchase on Amazon. Not much luck getting a clear image.

Beauty Bigbang J2913TM 2

Beauty Bigbang Clear Silicone Stamper Item # J2913TM

Next I rolled over it with a lint roller. No improvement. Washed it with warm water and Dawn dish soap. No improvement. Lightly rubbed non acetone polish remover on it. No improvement. Tried a different image, rolled the stamper, pushed straight down with the stamper, scraped with less pressure. No improvement. All I could think was- what the heck?! This worked for other people!!! Finally, I thought, let me try this with another stamper and see what happens. I picked up my Born Pretty Clear Silicone Stamper. Perfect image.

Beauty Bigbang J2913TM 3

Beauty Bigbang Clear Silicone Stamper Item # J2913TM vs. Born Pretty Silicone Stamper

And there you have it. This stamper has worked for others with great success, but not for me. Here are some pics with the two different stampers on my nails over ILNP Sugar Coated from their Ultra Metallics line. The two fingers on the left are using the Beauty Bigbang stamper and the 2 on the right are using the Born Pretty stamper.

Beauty Bigbang J2913TM 4 ILNP Sugar Coated Winstonia 403Beauty Bigbang J2913TM 4 ILNP Sugar Coated Winstonia 403 1Beauty Bigbang J2913TM 4 ILNP Sugar Coated Winstonia 403 2

So what can I say about this item? It didn’t work for me and I’m pretty sure I tried every trick to get it to work. It HAS worked for others, so I guess it’s hit or miss!

You can check this item out at

If you’re not looking for a stamper, you can check out the other many items at They have a lot of great nail products at a fantastic price. I guess not every company has 100% excellent products. I’ve been using them for over about a year and everything else I have from them is pretty and/or works great! You can also use my code for 10% off of your purchase- SPP10.

Beauty Bigbang Banner

6 thoughts on “Beauty Bigbang Stamper Review

  1. Aww that sucks, also sorry for how life’s been treating you (hugs) I’ve never had any issues with clear stampers. I have a new one from Born Pretty to review soon.

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